It’s not leadership as usual; we are changing business realities
through mentoring, research, facilitation, strategy interventions and thought leadership dialogue workshops. Leaders need to learn essential tools , techniques and methods to face the realities of complex work environments that have to respond to the intersectionality and simultaneity of race, gender, class and generational dynamics as well as technological disruptions. Our interventions enable leaders to lead with relevance for the disruptive times in which we live and work.

What Services do we offer?

Insight and Foresight

If you want action to happen you need to be specific, not general.


The disruptions in business requires a new perspective on the future of strategy. In addition, it relies on a conscious, by design, inclusive approach to leadership. Our business connects strategy and leadership.


Empowerment of the mind is empowerment of self


Women Leadership Models in Emerging Markets

MBA research supervision and collaboration

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Unfreeze change

Refreeze techniques to shift mindsets and change behaviours


Working with clients to unlock  biases in order to shape a new culture of diversity and inclusion.


Adjunct faculty


Lectures leadership programmes designed to create awareness and agency to build inclusive work cultures. Programmes link the impact of Macro policies, on trends and practices at the Meso level and provide tools and techniques for Micro (personal) development.


Shifting mindsets and creating new narratives that explore opportunities


Networking events are designed for knowledge sharing and relationship building. We draw on our significant leadership network to bring the best minds together to share leadership lessons and relevance in uncertain and volatile times.

Combined Approach

Connecting the DOTS...to unlock individual's full potential


A combination of mentoring, coaching and sponsorship is key to unlocking one’s full potential.

We facilitate introductions to mentors, coaches and leaders who have invested their expertise in growing others.

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Shireen is an Adjunct faculty member at University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and holds an acting director position at the University of Pretoria. She runs Chengadu Advisory , a Leadership and Advisory practice. Over the past decade Shireen has built extensive experience in the areas of business and management education and has gained board-level experience in education, consulting and NGO sectors.

Mentoring and Coaching

For business leaders the coaching and mentoring, will provide ongoing professional development, professional supervision and access to resources


Over the years Shireen has had the honour of being a guest speaker at many events and presents current research on the topic of leadership diversity, smart economics and leadership strategy.

Book Details

Women Leadership in Emerging Markets: Featuring 46 Women Leaders.


This book focuses on the increase in female leadership over the last fifty years, and the concrete benefits – and challenges – this leads to in organizations. It moves beyond the typical focus on developed, Western contexts and answers the call for research on how women in emerging markets rise above the proverbial -glass ceiling.

Caren Scheepers and Shireen Chengadu integrate two underdeveloped topics that are highly relevant to modern business: women in leadership roles and women in emerging markets. They examine how women leaders in a range of professional services – including accounting, consulting, law, engineering and medicine – have managed to navigate their careers while considering the role emerging markets play in their work. Based on cutting-edge research, the topics are brought to life through examples and profiles of leading women across Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. These narratives, told in the leaders’ own words, are key to understanding the achievements and barriers women face.

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